Cross # 12.2510

Tampa, FL

During a time of great sadness and confusion in my life, God led me to an early morning Bible study. Some days, it seemed I would not be able to take one step and put it in front of the other. Yet every Wednesday morning He would get me up for this Bible study. It was such a blessing to me. I met women, I like to call them sisters in Christ, who loved the Lord beautifully and guided me in His word. They accepted me just the way I was, bruised and broken. I felt so safe there with them. We shared His word early in the morning every week before I had to go to work, and it gave me the strength to get through each day. That is where I met Elizabeth who invited me to Answered Prayers Cross. I enjoyed so much making crosses and fellowship time with other women. God continues to still put people in my life, I feel strategically, to guide me and help me to know His will for me. I love that he accepts me for who I am no matter the time or place or situation. Living in a world where expectations are high, many of us feel pressured, and the norm seems to imply one must be perfect, I knew this was the cross for me before I left that night at Answered Prayers Cross. I don’t have to be perfect. I can just be me Because God made me that way, He first loved me, and I am perfect to Him!