Cross #12.2775

Lowell, AR

 I received my cross after talking with a friend over coffee one night about a painful loss I’ve experienced. The loss of a relationship. But it’s more than that… It is loss of love, loss of a dream, again. I am a single mom, divorced. My heart has broke before… As I shared pieces of my story with my friend she listened sweetly and spoke Godly truth into my life. I was grateful. A week later we had breakfast together and it was then that she gifted me the cross. She told me the story of how she found it, how it was made, and of the ministry behind it. She told me that after our talk she knew I was meant to receive it. My cross says “You are loved” and has lots of little hearts on it. It reminds me of God’s great and mighty love for me, a love that never fails or changes. I pray to know his perfect love more each day. That it may heal me and make me whole, fully complete in him and him alone.