Cross # 12.2956


Dalton, GA
I was in Atlanta, Ga leaving my hotel room with my mother and her best friend. I had tagged along with them to join my 2nd year of attending the Eucharistic Congress at the International Convention. It was Friday afternoon and we were on our way their to get first looks at booths that were being set up and then later attend mass, but first my mother wanted to take a picture of me in front of some big pottery plants. The first picture my mom took was blurry and then just as I posed for the 2nd picture in pops a bubbly full of life woman saying “Hi best friend!” and as i stood their for a split second in a bit of confusion i said “Hi” and there we took a picture together. She laughed and told us how her son did that all the time to random strangers..popping in to their pictures saying “hi best friend.” She asked if we were on our way to the convention and we all said yes of course. She then stuck out her hand to me and said “what’s your name?”
i said “Elizabeth and yours?” she grinned in amazement as she replied “well hello Elizabeth! my name is Elizabeth!” we laughed once again and were introduced to her close friend Linda. She said well you all need to stop by our booth so i can give you a gift. We parted ways and as we meandered through the booths we came across Elizabeth’s booth. Their across the table laid countless pottery crosses, all decorated differently. Some were bright with color..others in neutrals. She then quickly remembered us and began to tell us all about these wonderful crosses made by women. She described how each cross had its own story and how we all have a story that some day others will share a story with us and that we will know that they too will need our cross…So as I looked a each cross i stumbled across this one. A brightly colored yellow cross with “truth” embedded into it. I chose this cross because it reminded me of the Catholic faith. Bright and so full of life with its 200 yr old teaching from Jesus himself and how His life lives in us through His Body and His Blood. He is the Truth that we all seek. I looked up at Elizabeth and said “this is the one for me” she grinned and as i asked “how much” she replied “oh no! this is my gift to you!” She had let us all pick out a cross. One that attracted us and one that we could later share. So although I have not written a story of pain or sorrow, i hope that the joy Elizabeth and Christ and this story has brought to me, will bring the same amount of joy to you! with endless love, your friend Elizabeth!