Cross #12.3049

 West Bend, WI

While at a Christian Counselor’s Convention, my counselor found this yellow cross with the words “Be Still” painted on the front. She thought of me and the impact that she knows these words have had on my life over the last three years, and brought it back for me.

Almost four years ago (when I was 19) I was raped by a man I do not know. I got pregnant as a result, but eventually miscarried. It felt like a slap in the face from God, like He didn’t love enough to protect me, and I stopped praying. I drank to fall asleep, cut to dull the pain, and wanted to end my life. The night I tried to drive my car off the side of the road, Psalm 46:10 was read on the Christian radio station I was listening to, and it literally saved my life.

Through a long series of events, Christian friends helped me learn to pray again and trust in God. Through the guidance of my counselor and other Christian women, I learned to accept what happened to me, and have begun putting my life back together. I’ve learned that if I am still enough to listen to God, He can take something broken and ugly like my life, and turn it into something beautiful and precious in His eyes. That’s what this cross means to me. It is a reminder to be still, and to trust that God can make all things new.

I plan to hold on to the cross and hang it on the wall across from my bed. One day I might meet another young girl who needs to learn to be still. At that time I will take down this cross to give to her and to share my story and the hope that I have found through faith again.

Thank you all for your ministry, for the opportunities to share hurt and healing. It is truly a blessing.