Cross #12.3186

 St. Petersburg, FL

I met this man, he seemed to be an ordinary, hard working man, pumping gas for a living and giving courtesy rides home for customers waiting for their cars to be serviced.  I got in the truck and Christian music was playing.  I asked, “are you a Christian?”  When he said “yes” that’s all it took for me to begin crying and sharing that my husband had just left me.  I explained my husband was not an ordinary man, he was a man of God, a gifted Bible study teacher, a Deacon and leader in our church, a loving, faithful and committed husband of 20 years, a loving father of 4 beautiful children, a hard working provider, my best friend.  I shared that he had become very discontent and secretly furnished our rental property and moved out. I shared that I was at the darkest and lowest place of my life.  This man shared that he had been my husband….he had, had it all…a beautiful wife and children, at the top of his career making lots of money and lost it all when he fell to the lies
  of the enemy. He shared that after much damage, God got a hold of his heart and he returned home to his loving and forgiving wife.  This man listened to me while I cried and he prayed with me. He prayed specifically for my husband…I remember his prayer was so moving because it was coming from the heart of a man who had been down my husband’s road…I knew God was hearing the heart of a repentant man who hoped for the repentance of my husband….I knew he couldn’t possibly know how much God had used him that day…Although I hoped for his story, I knew my story may not have the wonderful ending his had, but he gave me hope and reassurance that God is working in my situation and that He would make good of all this.  I didn’t see this man for months until my van needed servicing and I needed a ride home again.  I was surprised he remembered me and asked how things were going.  I shared that my husband is spending time with me, we are going to counseling and I have hope that
he will return home.  This journey continues to be painful and sometimes unbearable but I am clinging to Christ Who saved me.  This gentle man gave me this cross and explained the history.  I took the cross. I hope God will use me to share my testimony and I will be able to hand over my cross to someone who needs the hope of Christ