Cross #12.327

Buffalo, Texas

I attended the Abundance Conference in Houston where I saw the Answered Prayers Cross table. I was first drawn to the table because I have my home decorated in crosses. The story behind your organization was so much more meaningful to me after hearing about it than just a simple decoration for my wall. I looked over
most of the table and couldnt find the right cross that was speaking to me, and then I saw it! My cross has raindrops running down it with the words “Let Him reign down on me” on it. This was meant for me! I had a very emotionally draining week that week and going to the conference I prayed that I could just let everything go and enter with a clear mind so that I could hear the Lord more clearly. All weekend I had been on the edge of tears and when seeing the cross, it hit me- I just needed to let God take control and flood my life with His
grace. He needs to be the utmost authority in my life and with him nothing is hopeless. I have written on the back on my cross- “And through the storms of life, I’ll see Your Son reigning down on me.” After purchasing the cross, the very next speaker spoke on not looking to others for fulfilment but let God be the true love of your life. My faith was truely shaken and I don’t think I would have grasped her message as strongly as I did had I not found my reigning cross!