Cross #12.3354

Lauderhill, Fl

I attended an all day event at St Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Plantation, Fl.  We were told to pick a cross that spoke to each one of us, and to give Elizabeth a hug to pay for it!  The name of the event was Key to Freedom, and a call for nourishment of my spirit called to me to attend on Oct 6,2012.  I am s0-0 glad I did! I have been on a journey since Dec 16, 2009, when I gave up my beach home on the Gulf of Mexico, in Indian Rocks Beach.  I had established a writing studio I named “Odyssey by the Sea”…which I loved, and belonged to a writing group there. I was the first one in the group to actually write and get paid for a column I called “Helpful Hints from Louise”, for a pharmacy there.  The cross I chose called to me, as it has “foot prints in the sand” and a butterfly symbolizing I can on fly and flit where ever the Lord calls me. I will be following Him to see what my life’s next purpose is.  I have “paid it forward” in my life 2 times already, helping  different men out, who were very close to my heart.  both ended by having to let  them go on their journey, which left me lonely.  The first one was Werner Tom Seiler, from Austria, whom I met in Hollywood Beach, Fl.  He looked like Richaed Gere, and he actually met Richard Gere there with his bodyguard.  Richard Gere was staring at him for awhile…then came over to him and said, “Do you know that you look like me?!?!”  Wow… a confirmation…finally, which Werner could not turn down!!  I had told him…that Werner finally believed.