Cross # 12.3635

Mary Kay
Lee’s Summit, MO
The cross, bearing the word, HOPE, was given to me upon sharing my story with a beloved friend. I have been struggling for several years in a work environment that is difficult. I truly love my job as a secretary in a small catholic elementary school. The parents, children, grandparents and teachers and staff that I have encountered throughout the many years I have worked there are so endearing. These encounters have allowed me to grow in my faith and personally. Due to the fact that I see my job as a ministry, it is difficult to think of leaving it behind. The current administration and one other co-worker have shown me that not all people care about how someone else feels, how hard they work or that they might matter (as a human being). I shared this with my beloved friend one fateful morning while I was volunteering at a school fund raiser. The next day she shared the cross with me. The thought that I would need to leave a job I love because the stress has become debilitating is a struggle for me. . I have HOPE that God will lead me to my next job. It is in the struggle that we grow. I feel that God made me uncomfortable so that my eyes would be open to the next turn on the path that God is leading me on. Let me tell you, I am uncomfortable. I am ready to see where my journey will take me. I know my God, my family and my friends will be there to guide me.