Cross #12.3880

Ocean twp, NJ

While visiting my mother in Pasco County, Florida, we decided to take a trip to St. Petersburg and visit the clay company where my mom had been a member and loved it. I should mention that the reason for my visit was to relieve myself from the stress of the recent months. I had been trying to open a business and my daughter’s bottom of drug addiction.  Needless to say, I was depleted of my energy, spirituality and wellbeing. I knew I needed time to nurture myself and return to the care of my God.  This visit proved to be one of the miracles God has in store for my restoration. I met Elizabeth on this visit and as she shared her story of faith and hope, I knew this was not a chance meeting.  She gifted me with my cross as well as one for my daughter and my world shifted from that moment on. My burdens were no longer the heavy load I needed to carry alone.  God works through others as long as I am willing and allow him to help me. I am inspired by this ministry and hope to pass on its continued inspiration to as many women God priviledges me with.