Cross #12.3890

 Beechhurst, NY

My name is Sabena and my best friend Pam gave me this very special cross. Pam always found a way to lift me up, sometimes even hold me up when I was not able to do it for myself. Our friendship has been for over 20 years and we have been through so much. I lost my husband to suicide in 2010 and it felt like it shattered my whole existence. It was very hard on me and my three children who were very young at the time. Pam has always had something powerful and always made me feel hopeful when I thought there was never gonna be happiness again. Pam, I hope you know that you are my angel, sometime my breath when I couldn’t breathe, most of all YOU ARE MY TEACHER, my very best friend. Thank you for that light at the end of the tunnel that you helped me to see and all the spiritual awakings you have guided me through and all the amazing talks that we share……..I love you!!!