Cross #12.3968

Versailles, Ky

I received my cross from a friend of 38 years. She and I had dated pretty seriously while I was in high school. I always had dreams of making her my wife but as fate had it we separated. After many years of trials and heartaches for both of us we reunited our friendship. She is happily married now and has her life turned around in the right direction. Myself, for the most part I have. But it is my wife that is my deepest concern. We have been together 17 years now. About 5 years ago she started casually drinking. As time  has gone on, her drinking has increased drastically. Seems as if that when she is not drinking as much we get along much better. When she is drinking more, it causes more troubles. She is the type that if she has it she has to finish it all. Not have a little here and a little there, but goes through it pretty regularly. I see how it has effected our marriage, just as many of our friends do. They have related it to me many times. I have confronted her with my concerns a few times, but she always blows it off.
I don’t feel the love from Jan that I once did. She even sleeps in a different bedroom now. I love her with all my heart and have bent over backwards for her all these years to try to please her. But she hardly ever shows appreciation for what I do or say.
She just sort of takes things for granted.

Since Connie and I have renewed out friendship, she has tried with all her heart to help me with my problem. Her husband even shows concern as well. I have been to their house and he is a good man.  I am truly happy for both of them. I know that through the special love that Connie and I share she really would like to see me happy with Jan once again. When I recently went to their house for a visit,  they both sent me home with a present for Jan, our dog Jody, and myself. Todd (Connie’s husband sent a beautiful wooden bowl that he had made in his wood shop and Connie wrapped it in a pretty handkerchief for Jan. The dog got treats, and myself the cross that I am registering now.  I have asked God for his strength, guidance, and through my faith in him I ask him for these things daily as I thank him for many other things, and pray for him to look after other people too.
Connie keeps telling me to think positive, but at times it really is a hard thing to do. Hopefully one day my faith in God as my parents taught me, will prevail and Jan and I will be happy once again.