Cross # 12.4053

Willimantic, CT
A very special friend at church gave me my cross at the beginning of this past December. I hadn’t ever heard of the APC before. To be honest, I really didn’t know what I was to do with it. At the very same time, another special friend from church was going through treatments for breast cancer. I wanted to lift her spirits somehow yet get her mind off of the fight she was battling. I’m not really a good cook so meals were out. I finally decided to send her anonymous packages filled with pink items. Pink for breast cancer. I called these packages pink bombs!!!! It was so much fun packing up these pink things and sending them to her. the weeks pass and I’ve now sent 2 or three “bombs” to her. Then it dawned on me. The cross I received was PINK!!!!!! It all became clear. This cross is the foundation of the love that He has for us. The best gift ever given. It seemed only right to send her this special cross to remind her of the Awesome gift He gave us all. I am Blessed in so many ways and it was a Blessing to help a friend to get her mind off of her cancer treatments if only for a little while. I know she’s felt the hand of God throughout her treatments. She is an inspiration to us all and a true follower of Jesus!!!!! We are Loved!!!!!