Cross #12.4057

 Spring Hill, FL

 I received this cross as a gift during a Women’s Retreat at my long-time home parish.  After hearing the testimony of the founder, I was thrilled and simultaneously at peace as I realized we (all present) would be receiving a cross.  As an artist, I can be critical of design, color, etc, so I prayed to choose and choose with love.  In a bag I reached in and this appeared :I AM.

In my prayer and at that time, I AM was coming up more often.  However, until today, GOOD FRIDAY, a day of death for our Lord, I knew why I received the I AM.  It is my precious Lord’s confirmation to me that it is HE who is IT, the only one.  And since I have been desiring courage to make Him #1 in ALL relationships, He also showed me who I should pass the cross on to, knowing and trusting His plan is perfect for our lives.  AMEN