Cross #12.4162

Sebastian, FL

I received a cross only a couple of days ago from my new Pastor. We, (my husband, 3 year old son, and I), just moved in town after 4 years in Edinburgh, Scotland for my husband to get his PhD. During those four years my mom died of brain cancer, my son was born at 23 weeks gestation and spent four months in the hospital and over a year of constant doctor’s appointments, we traveled for 3 month from friend’s house to friend’s house around Europe because we were out of money. I ended up pregnant with twin boys who died 30 mins after being born, my father got remarried, renters trashed our house in Texas and we spent 6 months of legal battles and thousands of dollars to get the house sold, and then suddenly moving back to the US to stay with family after my husband finished his studies because we were again out of money. It has been four years of one major trouble after another and yet we discovered God’s faithfulness through the love of the Christian community who not only stood with us in prayer, but really helped us along the way. People brought us dinners and drove us to the hospital during my son’s long stay, people gave us all sort of baby things, friends opened their home during our financial struggles, people listened and cried with us during our losses, and some people even provided for our needs. We are still struggling to get back on our feet, but little by little, God is providing. Thank you for this cross ministry because it has been so important to us to have people praying with us and understanding the layers and layers of struggle we have been through. God bless!