Cross #12.4274

 Gering, NE

While at a DCCW Spring Assembly in Halsey Nebraska, I met Elizabeth. I know this ministry is for women, but as I was looking at her display of crosses I saw a cross with “Try” across it and “Run” coming down from the “R” in in try. I knew this cross was meant for my youngest son. He has fallen away from God and the church. He recently met our Parish Priest, and Father Harr stated we needed to try and get Joe back to the church. He said he can try and run but God will bring him back. When I saw the “Try and Run” on this cross I need it was meant for Joe. I don’t know just how he will receive this, but I know God and his miracles, and I believe this is the first step in bringing my son back home to the church and live with God and Jesus.