Cross # 12.4293

Jupiter, FL
The cross was given to me by my younger daughter, Kim Ann…I truly have it for quite some time never understanding what to do with it and why she sent it to me…..but now…I understand….my older daughter, Lenore, has a rare bone cancer called Chordima and it is in her spine…Dec. 1st, she will be operated on at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland… will be a difficult operation, with only a few doctors who even know of this cancer, it is so rare….she is 56 years old and has had two other cancers prior…God
good graces have kept her going and along the illnesses has raised three children … will be married this coming year in May You are reading my story somewhat a testimony…..yet….once again another plea to Our Dear Lord and His Lady to place our
girl in the palm of His Hand and keep her close and give her the strength and hope to know He is with her all the way…I asked,
Our Dear Lady to take charge of my girl and call out to Her Son….I believe once again with all the prayers they are listening…they will guide the Dr. Jean Paul Wolinsky and his staff during the operation …..and Lenore will be well again.