Cross #12.4310


My best friend gave me this cross as a late Christmas gift.  We hadn’t been able to get together, so I did not receive it until February.  When she gave me the cross, I assumed my answered prayer was that the mass in my breast was indeed just a cyst, not breast cancer.  I had the procedure the day before she gave me the cross, and was so relieved and felt all my prayers had been answered when the mass collapsed.  Just 3 days after receiving the cross, I tried to call my mom to plan her birthday just a few days later.  She didn’t answer.  I tried again.  Then, worried, called my sister in Rhode Island to see what she thought.  She told me to try again, then go over to moms if she didn’t answer.  I did just that, and found my mom lying on the floor paralyzed after falling down her stairs.  The next three weeks were an incredible journey with my mom.  She had always impressed upon us that her need to be completely independent was her definition of quality of life.  She had spinal cord damage from her fall and was classified a quadrapalegic.  Mom had spinal cord surgery the next day, Tuesday. The following Tuesday, she had a second surgery.  Each time, we prayed for God’s will, that he would do what was right for Him and for Mom.  She did regain some feeling and movement, but her chance for full recovery was slim, and at the end of a very long road.  On the third Tuesday, Mom was diagnosed with pneumonia. I asked her simply to make the choice, respirator and antibiotics, or no treatment…she had been praying for God to take her all along. She chose to forego treatment, and pass on.  Mom passed just 36 hours later, in no pain, in peace.  I now know my answered prayer was my mom’s passing.  She is now reunited with my father, the love of her life, my brother, and her parents and great-grandmother who she held so dear.  I am now passing the cross on to my friend, Marcie, whose father had a stroke.  I think her answered prayer will be completelydifferent from my moms, but I pray it will bring them peace and understanding of God’s love