Cross #12.4538

Springfield, IL

My only uncle passed away 2 days ago, rather unexpectedly after a brief few weeks of suffering the after effects of a severe massive stroke. His funeral is tomorrow. I was at work this morning to finish a few things before leaving town to get my mother to bring her to her brothers funeral. A beautifully caring and faith-filled woman at my office came to my desk, tears in her eyes. She knew my uncle was the father figure in my life since losing my Dad. She lost her husband suddenly with no warning 2 years ago, and had received her cross at that time. She passed it to me. She said how wonderfully I’ve been blessed to have my wonderful family. Her compliments overflowed and filled my heart. We hugged and cried together. She said this cross is yours now. And she said I will know when to pass it on. God love her. And God bless this beautiful work. With Peace.