Cross # 12-4826

Brandon, FL

I received this cross today from a good friend and co-worker.  Picking a story to tell is easy for me, as I am in the middle of it now, as I wait for information regarding my kidney transplant.  I was told that I would need to have a live donor for maximum sustained life after the procedure.  I had several poeple get themselves tested, and much to a lot of people’s surprise, my step duaghter was the offer I so much need.  My daughter, I will call her daughter now, has given her mother and I a lot of problems and trying times since we all came together.  I wanted to give up many times, and came close to loosing my temper numerous times as well.  As she grew up, she made a lot of changes and has become the mother of 4 and my “daughter”.  Somehow I knew God was saving me to be a large part of her life, via teaching listening and watching progress made.  When she told me she had been tested to become my donor, I just knew God was going to
bring her to me, which of course he has. By His grace, we will enjoy a long, happy and prosperous life together, and I am so thankful for her decision to be my donor.