Cross #12.4984

Jacksonville, FL

I have a friend who moved away. She sent me this cross to me. I was in a real struggle in life, trying to find my way back into my Catholic faith. My husband was out of the country and would be for a long period of time. I was feeling alone and depressed. The cross says,”because you matter to me”. I thought it was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. I had it on my table and I could see it sitting there. At first, it was just a symbol of friendship, however, now it so much more to me. It reminds me that I matter,even when I am alone and feel I have no purpose sometimes, I still look at it as a reminder to search out the comfort faith
can bring into your life. I am in a better place in my life now. I feel more grounded and peaceful with where I am. I feel like God wants to me to find something to do with my life in service to others. I have quit feeling sorry for myself and with that comes no depression. I will now move forward to follow the path God intended for me. I am not sure exactly what my service to others will be, but I will move forward. I think this is the time for me to offer this gift of love to someone else in need. I feel blessed now in so many ways. It was a shift of I have no purpose to one of Gods will be done. “peace with whomever is reading this today” May you too find comfort in your faith. In my silence, I have. I wish the same for you.