Cross #12.5085

Lithia, FL

 Elizabeth gave me my cross at a Life Coaching conference. I wasn’t saved until I was 48 years old. I was broken, addicted and not the person God created me to be by any means. I thought I was ok but I was far from it. Once I was saved I still continued to live in addiction but finally in November 2009 my world fell apart and my addiction abruptly ended. I attended NA meetings for a while and then one day I realized I had been delivered from addiction and that was 3 1/2 years ago. Jesus called me since I was a little girl. No one gave me a way to find what I was searching for. I was using drugs and doing all of the wrong things as a young girl. I believe being learning disabled and ADD had a profound impact on my self esteem and I just buried myself in wrong living. I led a very liberal life and always knew there was more for me. I believe God was living in me even though I wasn’t saved but I wouldn’t hear his call and I ignored him. I moved to Florida because I was getting divorced and long story short, was saved. My awesome God delivered me to the exact church and Pastor He intended me to learn from and it has completely changed the course of my life. I am a new person with new life breathed into me and teaching people how to find the God that speaks to them and lives in them too. I have friends and family I love and not a single one of them is saved so I think they all think I’ve lost my mind and that I’m a Holy Roller but I don’t care. My Father in Heaven is the only One I need to answer to and for all the days of my life I will say YES to Him! I am a daughter of God, learning, growing, discipling and encouraging others to do the same. In Jesus name….AMEN