Cross #12.5250

Atlanta, GA

I was actually in Atlanta at a cross painting party with Elizabeth, my mother Linda Rose and a bunch of friends. Everyone gathered together to create these unique representations of a way to help the world be better. I have been holding on to mine because a good friend Michael Robinson made it look like a piece of art. I always knew I had it sitting in my apartment but didn’t know when the right time to share it with someone would be. Until now. I am about to be leaving Atlanta to head to Europe for a few months. I have been working for the past few weeks at an agency in Atlanta with an amazing woman, Christine Courtney-Myers, who has completely inspired me. I have learned more in the past 6 weeks, professionally speaking, than I ever have before. A wonderful mother, friend and business owner with a heart of gold. I am sharing my story about here because she is who is receiving my cross. All my love <3