Cross #12.5396

Saint Petersburg, FL

I received this cross at a women’s retreat with Pass-A-Grille Community church. The reason why I chose this cross at the table of crosses is because of the ocean waves with the words “the way” printed on it. The oceans led me to God years ago. Today, the oceans continue to lead me to God each visit, where I am just visiting the ocean or I am diving. I cannot go down into the oceans as I do as a SCUBA diver and say there is no God. The complex life that teems below the surface of the oceans points to God. Every dive that I go on, I find God over again and I feel His presence so strong. I cannot go down and see the things that I do and say there is no God. I naturally praise and worship God when I am beneath the surface. I see him in the ocean through the life that is down there, bringing glory to Him, revealing Him. I don’t have to be below the surface of the ocean. I find God by the ocean and on the ocean too. The ocean is where I go to find God, as a diver and a shark scientist that is blooming in the field. I have this cross hanging in my house as a reminder of God and as a reminder of this. I know that when it seems God is so far away, and I need to find Him and be reminded of how real He is and how near He is; I go to the ocean. I stand before it and listen to the mighty waves. The powerful waves to remind me of His power. His presence is there when I am by, on, or in the ocean; where I am also happy, free, and safe. This is what the ocean means to me, and this is why this cross was chosen by me and given to me officially. It remains on my wall, and one day I will pass it on to someone else that I will get to mentor and help in the Lord, through the oceans.