Cross #12.809

Camarillo, Ca

Please be patient, because I am the worst writer in the world!

My Mother went on a retreat, and brought my cross (key) to me on her return trip in mid July 2012, it sat on her dresser for a few days before giving it to me, she explained to me how it was presented to her and at first I didn’t want to share it because Mom had just given it me.  But now I totally understand why!

Our Dear Family Friend Cyndy,
Sister “Cathy Sue” was in the hospital after suffering from a heart attack, you see Cathy Sue had always been the one to beat all odds, she was born down syndrome and was reported to be one of the oldest living down syndrome adult to live this long, she passed at the age of 53 on July 29th, 2012.

Her story goes so much further then you can imagine, she was loved, always greeted you with a smile, loved music, to go for rides, Vegas, and her TV shows, smile, but in her last moments with us here on earth… I was the chosen one, me Maria, to help walk her to heaven. You see her family had taken her home to where she would have her final days, I was on my way home from a road trip an decided I would go by to see how everything was going. There had been many family and friends through out the week, visiting, sharing stories and saying their final goodbyes.  On this day, I was awarded and honored by our Lord to guide her to our Lord’s arms and pray with her loving amily members, and her best friend, guardian, caretaker, eldest sister, Cyndy.  Cyndy loved her sister as if it were her own child, unconditional love that I’m sure Cyndy learned from her wonderful parents and her faith in God!

My storie really goes like this, “When God called for Cathy Sue to come home, it was such moment of peace as our Lord stood above us with his arms open and calling for her as her spirit arose, the peace and silence in the room was as calm as a child sleeping her in heavenly fathers arms.  Good night Cathy Sue! “

So I will now past my cross (key) to Cyndy and ask our heavenly Father and sister Cathy Sue to guide her and to heel her broken heart and to let her find happiness for the rest of her journey here on earth.

Thank you for my cross Mama,