Cross #13.1010

Cozad, NE

 I purchased my cross as a first time attendee at Spring Assembly. Funny part was I purchased it before hearing Elizabeth’s story since I knew we had to leave immediately afterwards. I picked my cross that says FRIENDS, and after hearing Elizabeth’s story, I knew I was giving this cross to one of my best friends who had a personal crisis 6 years ago she turned to me to help her in getting thru. As it turned out, the week before going to Spring Assembly, I too, was facing the same personal crisis as my best friend faced 6 years ago.  I had been doing much praying and couldn’t decide whether to call my best friend and have her help me with this or not.  After hearing Elizabeth’s story, I know now that I will be sharing my personal crisis with my best friend and give her this cross as a reminder that her actions and her trust in me 6 years ago, have prevented me from making the same mistake she made.