Cross # 13.1103

Double Oak, TX

My sister, Mary Ann, gave me this cross when I was visiting my home state of Nebraska.  I was touched by how the crosses were used.  I had and was so blessed in so many ways but when I saw Peace written on the cross I knew exactly who this cross was meant for to obtain that peace –my friend, Rosa.  Rosa went to a Battered Woman’s shelter in 2011 but is now working and living independently but still struggling with all the things that happened previously in her life. Rosa does not even feel like she should be at peace or happy but there are times she has those feelings but they are fleeing.  Rosa’s greatest pain is because her son came with her but then went  back home—a mother separated from her child must be awful to endure –and Rosa’s heart continues to struggle with this loss.   We both know that God has a plan but right now we don’t see it or understand it but we must just believe.  Rosa needs peace in so many areas of her life.  I know that our prayers for her will be answered and when she struggles, she can hold this cross to remember and believe that God is in control and will help her thru the tough time to see the joy and sunshine on the other side.