Cross #13.1323

Castroville, CA

I received my cross in September 2013 from my beloved cousin Cathy after my brother’s funeral.  My brothers and I lost both our parents relatively young, and the five of us have been clannish over the years, sticking together threw many hardballs that life throws.  I am the only girl with four brothers and one foster brother.  We were rocked when we lost Drew at the age of  57, he had served as the glue for all of us, the brother we all called often, went to visit the most.  He was loved more than he knew.  I’ve since lost another brother, David, just five short months after losing Drew.   The cross has been an fixture in my bedroom since I brought here from WV.  But, I believe I am about to pass it on, as one of my coworkers has lost her father, sister and brother in less than a year.  It’s hard for me to give it up, but I feel that Stella needs it at this time.  I hope people continue to support your organization and praise God that we have groups like yours that provide a way to show others we stand with them through the grace of God during hard times.