CRoss # 13.1354

St Petersburg, FL
I was recently drawn to the Morean Arts Center for clay lessons. While there my oldest daughter pointed out the crosses to me at the clay center next door. When I read about the crosses I was drawn to tears. I had just had a dream about telling our stories and how healing comes from sharing those stories. That morning I also saw Elizabeth from across the room and wondered where I knew her from. There was a strong pull and I thought about it all week. On return the following week I  bump into Elizabeth and we have a conversation. That day I was very stressed and frustrated about some things happening with my family. We were living in a very small house with 8 people. 2 adults, 2 young adults and 4 children. Elizabeth reminded me of the Love that comes from that. Even though there are stressful times, they are sweet, precious and life goes on. People grow and change and leave home. I was reminded to look for the Love. We continued our conversation that ended with me pick
ing out a cross. It was sitting right on top of the box. The word Love was in the center, surrounded by 8 treasured words.