Cross #13.1396


Hello: I received my cross from the founder of this ministry Elizabeth one day when our paths crossed. We met for the first time and it was such a nice and unexpected gift from someone I did not know. It was offered with Love and that is all that matters. When we met,  I was holding application papers for a job that seemed promising. I was hoping my prayers for the right job in the area of the arts was being answered. Elizabeth spoke of wanting to find a special portrait of Jesus to a friend. Later I thought about this. I don’t think Elizabeth knows I am an artist. I considered the possibility of asking Jesus if I could paint his picture for her? I could ask Jesus. Yet, could I actually not only look Jesus in the face, but stare at him for awhile to complete a portrait? Issues of worthiness surely come up. And maybe I am not that good of an artist either……All this became more interesting when I thought of an Aunt who did paint a portrait of Jesus. She painted it for herself. I remember it being a delightful portrait. I have prayers to pray to Jesus. When they are answered perhaps a kind loving face of Jesus will appear.  May all of your prayers be answered.