Cross # 13.1530

Parrish, FL
My dear friend and Niece, Michelle, purchased this beautiful cross for me from an arts show she attended. She said it spoke to her. It’ pink  and has a sand dollar and hearts impressed on it. Her mother, Sue,(my sister-in-law) passed away from cancer 2 years ago. Michelle and I share a bond in that her mother, Sue, then my brother, John, were both victims to cancer. My brother was diagnosed about 6 months after losing Sue  who was the love of his life. I became my brother’s care giver since he had lost Sue and there are no other siblings or family left, except his 2 sons and Michelle. Michelle was my anchor and still is after John lost his year-long battle with his cancer. We left us last October and now Michelle and I share our grief over the loss of two very important loved ones in our lives. Michelle and I both believe that our faith in God has brought us through this storm and we are grateful for being able to help them both in their last months. Thank-you God, Thank-you Jesus, Thank-you John & Sue