Cross # 13.1697

Decatur, GA

My oldest daughter gave me my cross 12/13 for my birthday. I have financial problems and live in fear of losing my home, being a burden to my children and generally not making it. My cross reads: The Lord is Great and Greatly (I think, I can’t quite read the whole word) to be Praised. It reminded me to be thankful for what I do have, now. Everything will be ok, no matter what happens.
The cross will be opposite my bed and it will remind me morning and evening: TO GOD BE THE GLORY, Amen. When it’s time to let my cross go, I will. However, I will get another, and another and another.
Thank you for starting this. It is such a good idea. When you are in the mist of difficulties, it easy to forget who is really in charge and what really matters.