Cross #13.174

New Port Richey, FL

At the For the Career Girls luncheon today, Elizabeth blessed me (and the other attendees) with a cross.  My cross says “blessed” and has footprints on it – this immediately spoke to me because I am always aware of god’s presence beside me or carrying me on my journey, just like in the poem “Footprints”.  There have been a lot of challenges in the past month or so and as I drove to the lunch I could feel the emotions and turmoil bubbling to the surface.  Hearing Elizabeth and being with the other women at FTGI, calmed my spirit and was such an encouragement.  God is so awesome and the women He uses to share His love are amazing and a blessing to my life.  Thank you Elizabeth Bunbury and Tracey Metzger and every FTGI woman.  May you be blessed in life as I have been with the gift of this cross!