Cross # 13.175

Lawrenceville, GA
I received this cross from my sister Leticia. My mom has been ill for the last 2-3 mos, in & out of hospital & rehab center. She was recently sent home as a hospice patient, they wanted to put her in a nursing home but I just couldn’t do that. Our family took her in and it’s been rough, a lot of adjusting since she is completely bedridden. sometimes i feel so overwhelmed i just want to scream but i bottle everything inside. I feel like i can’t complain to anyone, feel so frustrated and angry. feel like i have to take care of everyone & everything.  this cross is perfect for me, it says “scream” maybe it will help me be more vocal instead of always staying quiet and bottling it all in. or maybe that’s just me, a quiet person with a lot of stuff bottled inside.