Cross #13.1759

Rockford, Michigan

I was enjoying the beautiful warmth of the Naples, Florida beach Saturday, 04/12/2014, with a friend, Tom. We were conversing over the few hours we were there, and I relayed a story to him from my past, when I had been in a one week period of depression in the 1970’s, when life seemed bleak. At that time, I called upon a Christian friend of mine and spoke with him about my troubles. This friend, at the time, was trying to convince me that God loved me and wanted the best for me. He asked me whether I could believe that God loved me only as much as a mustard seed. At the time, I recalled that I could believe that God loved other people, but that He could not love me. But, finally, I did accept that I, too, could be loved by God at least as much as a mustard seed. That was the start of it…my personal one on One with God, developed over time. Never to be alone again, my faith has grown. And, though I later eventually lost track of my ‘mustard seed friend’, I looked him up some 20 years later and wrote to thank him for my faith. We spoke by telephone and saw each other briefly before he soon after passed away from cancer. His sister gave the card back to me at his funeral, the one where I had thanked him for my faith..he had so appreciated receiving it. That brings me to today. After last Saturday’s beach sharing with Tom, this morning Tom presented me with this beautiful cross #13.1759, on the back of which is a beautiful mustard seed. Thank you, God!