Cross # 13.1803

Bonita Springs, FL
Today as my husband and I were leaving church I was introduced to Elizabeth, by her friend Leah.  Elizabeth was wearing an attractive cross and I commented that I liked it.  I told both woman that I enjoy collecting crosses from different locations and have them hung on my bedroom wall.  Elizabeth’s eyes lite up and she suddenly had a large beautiful smile on her face.  She invited  me to her van to find a cross of my choosing……one that spoke to me.  With great excitment I searched through a box of lovely crosses, each unique and all so different.  I found one I thought I would enjoy, then another, and then these words caught my eyes, “He died for me”.  I knew that was the one I would  choose.  It is always so hard for me to believe that Jesus died on the cross for me….a sinner… so undeserving.   He was willing to sacrifice his life so that I may have eternal life.  I need  just invite Him into my life,  ask His forgiveness for my sins, and follow Him.  Granted,
it isn’t always easy, but with His help, all things are possible. He has made such a tremendous sacrifice just for me.  I am so very grateful.
Thank you to Elizabeth and also to the unknown cross creator of the cross I have chosen.