Cross #13.1852

Sodus, Michigan

I was attending the AACC World Conference in Nashville, TN. 2013 as a MA Counseling Student when I came upon the booth of “Answered Prayers Crosses” and I knew I had to have one.  While I scanned over the table of crosses I spotted one at the far end that said DREAM in bright orange letters;  I knew this was the one for me–just as I walked over to pick it up another woman reached down and took it.  She had a handful of the crosses piling in her hand.  She and I began to talk with one another and I commented on how much I loved the one of them (the one for me).  She pulled it from her pile and handed it to me.  She told me if I loved it, I should be the one to have it because she planned to give it away anyways.  So there, the two of us began the exchange before the cross was ever purchased.