Cross # 13.1922

San Diego, CA
” I Have A Purpose By Timothy ” How can I begin to write down the goodness, grace and mercy of the Lord in my life. That’s what I was asked to do that others may know the power of God. I can start by telling you up to 19 years ago I never really had any purpose in my life. I spent most of my time drinking any kind of alcoholic drink that I could get my hands on even in the early morning hours. That’s if I had even slept because the other half of the time was doing lines of cocaine or crystal methamphetamine, which kept me up for days on end. Most of my days were spent in bath houses or meeting men outside of adult book stores or x-rated movie theaters. Most of the time we didn’t know each other. Even if the encounter was only for a brief moment it temporarily numbed the pain and loneliness that I had experienced during my life time of molestation, beatings, alcoholism, and constant placement in foster home after foster home. I hated to look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t know how to smile anymore like I did before all this began to happen in my life. One day after looking at myself in the mirror and not wanting to live anymore, I got on my knees and asked the Lord to come into my life and take all the drugs and alcohol out of my life and put a smile on my face again, one that would never go away and He did come into my life ! And what He did for me was more than I could have ever dreamed or imagined. I’ve been following the Lord for 19 years now and He has delivered me from drugs, alcohol, and homosexuality!!! He has put an everlasting smile on my face, peace in my life, and joy in my heart. He blessed me with a job as a fragrance model and shows me favor in wherever I am or in whatever I do. Today, I have a Father in heaven who loves and cares for me and who shines on and through me and who leads and guides me in fulfilling His purpose in my life. Now I have a purpose for living and I begin it each day on my knees in prayer by thanking and praising God for the new life He has so richly blessed me with and for teaching me how to reach out and touch those who are on His heart.