Cross #13.1932

Pompano Beach, FL

I received this cross one night while out of church in Miami. I am a walking miracle. I was a heroin addict. I was in active addiction for 17 years. The last 7 years of my addiction I was homeless, living under a bridge, in a downtown Miami neighborhood. I had given up custody of my children years prior to my mother. I had no hope for my future and was angry at God and blamed him for the hell I was living in. At this low point in my life I was going to any lengths and any means to secure my daily fix. Beatings and sexual assaults were the norm to girls like me on the streets. I was a felony fugitive from the law due to my numerous arrests. July 10 2001, what the devil meant to destroy, God has since used for his glory. I was in an abandoned building, taking my fix, when a newsbrodcast came on the tv that the houseman just purchased. When the picture came on they talked about a tragedy where two little boys got struck by lightning. The one little boy fell 25 feet, suffered 4 heart attacks, and was being airlifted to the hospital . I remember in my drug induced haze I had one moment of unselfishness and I prayed for the child. What happened in the next moment changed the course of my life. When the picture came up it was my son . I knew right then that it was only Gods intervention that allowed me to see this happening live. I was 30 miles from home and in an abandoned building.  I, as a result, got the courage to turn myself in. I went to a year long program.  Today, my son is a vegetable in a nursing home. I found the Lord on the midst of what was meant to be the final straw. Today I am reunited to my children and family. I fell in love with Jesus and accepted his grace and forgiveness in my life. I have 7 years sober and have returned to school to get my degree . I do not have the capability to do any of these things. Jesus presence literally tore me from my slumber and restored my mind. I am now blessed to be a certified addiction counselor and share the love of Jesus with others. We have a can do God, not a can’t do God. Start each day telling your problems how big your God is, not telling God how big your problems are.