Cross #13.2150

Manchester, England

I received this cross from my friend Brad Richardson in my hometown of Tifton, Georgia as a gift to keep me safe on a 6 month journey through South America and on my eventual return to the United Kingdom.
He gave it to me during Thanksgiving 2013 but I waited until Christmas Day when I was in Cartagena, Colombia volunteering with a girls’ home  to open it. I’d only been there for 3 weeks but was feeling slightly burned-out trying to provide care for five separate groups with some homes as far as 2 hours away from the city in the jungle.
It was the perfect time to receive this wonderful gift as I was so far away from my friends and most of my family and was pretty lonely (although I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time!) It helped me to know that there was someone thinking of me and wishing me well.
Although I’m not completely finished with my travels I hope to pass it on to an amazing woman who has just lost her husband in hopes that it will comfort her as it did me.