Cross #13.2346

Clearwater,  FL
I am a domestic violence survivor!! I first was given a cross while going through my very tumultuous divorce (which I filed 5 weeks after a near death experience).   During this time a friend introduced me to a man, a Christian attorney, who literally helped save my life!  He gave me my first cross, nearly 5 years ago now. My divorce was a long road, a little over 4 years in between several robberies, grandma passed, my dad had a severe stroke and is now bedridden and my mom has cancer again. I lost my home, last but not least, 5 months after losing my family home the family dog passed.  Today after work I went to a thrift store and saw an “Answered Prayers Cross “.  I was blessed to be given one a few years before as I mentioned above . I instantly knew what it was and it was just so nice and comforting, reminding me of God’s Love for me and how I’m free.  ❤️Liz sent me lots of love and encouragement during those times as well! I just got a new car. During those years there were several weeks I would ride my bike and walk to work as my car was unreliable, but I always had gratitude and Thanked God for my 2 legs to walk or ride my bike. I recently got a new car and will be able to attend future happenings and potluck . Today’s cross find made my day 🙏🏽❤️️😊Love & Peace