Cross #13.2591

Saraland, Al

I use to be a receptionist at a crisis pregnancy center. One of our clients came to me and said it was given to her but that she thought I needed it more than she did. I saw it as a sweet gesture, but didn’t feel as though I was going through anything in particular. I slid it in my desk drawer and didn’t really think about it again. A few months later my husband and I were overjoyed to find we were pregnant with our first child. Then June 30, 2014 I delivered way too early and our baby girl went to be in the arms of Jesus. I couldn’t bring myself to work at the pregnancy center anymore and when I went back for my things I found the cross in my desk. It now hangs in the room that would have been the nursery. It’s where I pray often. I pray that as I go through this grieving process I will also find someone that needs this cross more than I.