Cross # 13.2654

Rex, GA

During spring break this year, April 8th, 2015, we were traveling to Florida for our family vacation. A car traveling next to us had a tire blowout. They ended up careening into our car. Our car flipped 5 times back over the highway, hit the ground, went airborne, hit a tree and landed upside down. Our 14 year old daughter, Morgan Lorraine Robinson, was pronounced dead at the scene. Every bone in her body looked broken and many were protruding from her body. I was lying next to her in the debris when she took her last breaths. I couldn’t hold her hand because all of her fingers were broken, but I could pray with her and tell her that we all loved her. Her dad, 10 year old brother, and I survived the crash. We, our family, and friends are devastated.

A family friend gave me this cross at her celebration of life. I guess that’s my story, I don’t have much of a testimony yet. We’re living minute by minute, day by day. The love and prayers from our network are keeping us going.