Cross #13.3225

St. Petersburg, FL.

My grandmother is an acupuncturist and she took me to a fundraiser for a patient of hers. Well she had a table there to advertise herself and help raise money and the table next to hers was Answers Prayers Cross. I’ve heard about them and what they do and have always wanted to go and make a cross. I found my self wandering over there and just staring at all the crosses. I found a couple I liked and found especially moving and beautiful. Elizabeth, the founder, walked up to her and asked me what my name was and we enjoyed a light conversation and she then said “Emma, I think you need a cross. Please pick out which ever one you want. But on one condition.” I asked what that one condition was, she replied “A hug.” I was confused but happy. I had no idea why she had given it to me or how she had known of how wretched of a week I’d had. (When I say wretched, I mean my entire life changed in a day) I was still so happy that I later bought one.