Cross #13.3590

Marietta, GA

I was given this cross by my daughter-in-law Becky. She is an answer to prayer everyday. She helps so many people I could never count the ways. But my answer to prayer came when my Mother was gravely ill in the hospital and I felt so alone.  My Mother had heart surgery and things did not go well. She just kept getting worse as her systems shut down one by one.  She ended up in a coma and I knew she was soon to leave me. Oh man. how hard I tried to be brave. I am an only child and had only my Husband to come and wait with me. But, he had to work so I spent most of the time alone. Yes. I knew the LORD was with me, but I still felt helpless and weak. Then Becky showed up. She stayed with me and prayed and listened to my heartbreak. I had been very fond of her, but I learned how much love she had in her heart from the LORD and how willing she was to share it. I came to love her ever so much. Becky is my best answer to Prayer.