Cross #13.3654

Woodstock, GA

I received this cross from my parents on Valentine’s Day. My mom had purchased it after a presentation at a women’s meeting at our church. This cross came to me in the middle of my teenage years, in other words I am just about to bridge the gap between being a young adult and being on my own. “Dream” is the inscription on my cross, and I am amazed at how much this word speaks to me. I have always been afraid of the unknown, in other words stubborn beyond compare when it comes to change… Dreaming is a scary concept to me, and it is even more scary at this point in my life. I dream of going to college. I dream of becoming an English teacher. I dream of being successful and independent. There are so many dreams that I can have, but they will not come without some action behind these simple words. I am very fortunate that I have led such a blessed life. I love my family with all of my heart and through them I have been able to love my Lord. I have struggled in the past with giving complete control of my life to God, but I have learned now that the only way to live my life is by giving control to God. Dreaming becomes easy when I know that God is standing with me for every decision I will make.