Cross #13.3769

Ocala, FL

I invited some friends for dinner a few months ago, and my friend and birthday sister brought me a gift. In the bag among a few other things, I found this cross. She explained how it works and told me that a friend had passed it along to her about 8 months before.
I have had a few rough years and the past year I was under a lot of stress, so when she gave me this cross, I was very honored and grateful and I began to have great hope that things would turn around for us. I must confess though, that before I was able to see the difference in our lives that I expected to see, my sister seemed to have been in much greater need, so I thought I would pass it along to her, only that for the most part her issue for my concern was resolved.
I was recently honored by being asked to be one of the Godmothers to my great niece, and so now I have decided to pass it along to her and her parents. For her, so that God may bless her, protect her and guide her and for her parents whom are trying really hard to succeed in life and have stumbled on a few thick walls along the way.
I hope as this cross passes along, the testimonies will become more concrete than mine. However, I am not worse off than before, so that is a good thing.