Cross #13.4185

Valdosta, GA

My best friend, Julie, sent me this cross in the mail. Although we live within 30 min of 1another, our lives have been “challenging” and altered since 2012. Her husband, and my sister have been very sick. We have been praying, and asking others to pray for healing. God has answered  our prayers!
We feel such gratitude for all who have prayed and are still praying for their recovery. We have to trust that whatever happens, is in His hands, and His Will Be Done. He is with us and our loved ones every step of the way, carrying us as He promised. I will pass my beautiful cross on to my beautiful sister to continue its journey. Thank you, Julie, for Always being there for me!
I look forward to the day we can spend some time together and make more “angels in the dirt” on your farm. :)