Cross #13.4239

Tampa, FL

The beautiful Cross was handed to me exactly one week from my upcoming major surgery. For months I had prayed and prayed for guidance as to have the surgery, even though I could live without it. Both my shoulders had massive rotator tears and pain and  arthritis had taken over.  A Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement was the only option for both shoulders. Meanwhile,  I just couldn’t make up my mind, as the recovery period is so lengthy and extensive.  Well, while I was debating, no answered prayer was given…at least I didn’t think it was. After four falls due to balance with no use of arms, it finally dawned on me…this was God’s answer to my prayers. If I didn’t have the surgery I would continue to fall, and my forth fall was the worst. He doesn’t always answer the way we would like Him to, but…He does answer. After I realized my prayers had been answered, I had a calm and peace come over me. I’m still not looking forward to the surgery, but I do know, without a doubt, my prayers had been answered and I am very peaceful and confident about going through it a week from today.