Cross # 13.4351

Columbus, IN

My friend Melissa gave me this cross.  Throughout our friendship, Melissa & I have shared interests and experiences, but it is her views on motherhood that have bound us together.  Melissa is a wonderful mother who believes that her job is to keep her children close, especially in those early years before elementary school.  Melissa encourages me to cherish every moment with my kids and not regret any decisions I have made to be with them.  I am a better mother to my children because of my friendship with her.

Melissa gave me this cross after her daughter Eva died in 2013. I wanted to honor Melissa and Eva by passing this cross along to someone who shares Melissa’s values and faith.   That person is Connie.

Connie came into my life through Little Seeds Preschool.  Connie taught both of my children about God, nature, love and learning.  But what stuck with me the most was something Connie told me when we were discussing the notion of “cutting the mitten strings.”  Connie told me that “your child should be attached to you like a postage stamp.”   She told me that I have nothing to apologize for when I keep my kids close.  She reminded me then – and continues to do so – that these early years with my kids are a gift that I will forever cherish.

Connie made me a better mother by giving voice to the feelings and values that were inside of me.  I want to honor all that Connie has done for me — and my family — by giving her this cross.


I am lucky to have women like Melissa and Connie in my life.