Cross #13.4475

Hazel Green, WI

Received this cross while attending NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) in Indianapolis IN–attended this 3-day event as a chaperone with my son & his Youth Leadership Group…25,000 high school youth (& adult leaders) filled this arena to share faith, hope, and love.  This table FILLED with crosses caught my attention almost immediately & drew me in with no hesitation.  They were all beautiful and I could not decide on one…the gal displaying them encouraged me to take my time and the “Right One” would jump out at me.  THIS ONE spoke straight to my heart…5 beautiful footprints — to me representing my 5 precious children..with the word “go” imprinted among the footprints.  To me this represents each of my children..truly a Gift From God…he gave each one of them to me…to love and cherish in this earthly life.  And then there will be a time when they will go…a reminder that they are just on loan to me…and our time together is precious.